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What are PODS?
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In an age where data privacy has become a paramount concern, Only Once is proud to introduce our Personal Online Data Store (POD) – the digital haven for secure and business data management. We're transforming how individuals and organizations manage, share, and control in the digital sphere.

Empowerment through privacy and control
What is a POD?

POD stands for Personal Online Data Store, an innovative solution by Only Once designed to put individuals and organizations in the driver's seat of their data journey. Imagine a digital vault, where all your essential data is stored securely, ready to be accessed or given access to by the data-owner.

  • Manage: Manage data using Only Once
  • Confidentiality: Stringent privacy controls let you dictate the accessibility of data.
  • Accurate: Always up-to-date data is available and managed by the dataowner.
Streamlining data management for everyone
The advantages of owning a POD

PODS by Only Once provides a streamlined approach to data management that caters to both individuals and organizations, simplifying the way data is stored, accessed, and updated across the web. This innovative system redefines the management of data on the web by ensuring that both unstructured and structured data are stored with equal efficiency and accessibility. Within a POD, you can securely store unstructured data such as resumes in PDF format or graphical assets like company logos. Alongside these, PODS are also equipped to handle structured data — think details like names, addresses, and phone numbers. This dual capability ensures that all forms of data, regardless of format, are organized and readily available within the Only Once ecosystem.

  • Efficiency: Update information in one centralized location, and it updates everywhere else you choose.
  • Ease of Use: Manage data through a user-friendly interface, reducing complexity.
  • Flexibility: Transfer and sync data across different services without hassle.
Implementing PODS with Only Once
Simplified, Unified, Secured

Incorporating PODS into your online ecosystem is intuitive. Our platform is engineered for ease, ensuring that you spend less time managing data and more time using it to your advantage.

How to try only Once?
Download: Quickly create a secure POD with the Only Once App.
Fill Form: Whenever an Only Once form is filled, a POD is created.
And interact with the digital world with more confidence.

Your data, your Rules
Be Part of the Data Revolution

Join the data revolution with Only Once PODS. Step into a community where privacy, control, and seamless data management are not just ideals—they're everyday realities.