From now on, candidates will retain control of their own data and can choose to grant recruitment agencies access to it on their own terms.

“We just reversed the chain of information”

How the idea was born

The Only Once idea originated in 2008 during an interim management assignment of the CEO of Only Once. A non-profit client of the CEO asked him to clean a relational database containing 500,000 members, which led to the invention of the Only Once principle. The main objective of Only Once is to demonstrate the Only Once Principle in the Netherlands, focussing specifically on data from businesses. By doing so, Only Once aims to facilitate better exchange of business-related data or documents between data owners and data consumers. The key principle of the Only Once concept is that data owners maintain control of their own data and provide data requestors with controlled access to it, as determined by the data owners. 

Target- & Launching markets 

Only Once provides its solution to key players in its MVP market segment: candidates who own candidate information and recruiters and flexible agencies who need this data to match them successfully. The ultimate goal is to reduce administrative burden for both parties.

The next target market segment for Only Once will be all accounting firms, which need up-to-date data of all their clients in order to deliver commercial organizational products and services correctly. 

The Only Once principle

The Only Once principle is a data management concept that aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data exchange by ensuring that data is collected and shared only once, and that the same data is reused across different systems and organizations. 

Our Only Once principle is based on the idea that data should be collected at the source, and that data owners should maintain control over their data and provide others with controlled access to it. By collecting data only once, it reduces the administrative burden for agencies and ensures that the data is accurate, consistent and complete. This allows for faster matching and improved GDPR compliancy. 

This principle is a key component of digital transformation and recruitment agencies modernization initiatives. 

The Only Once Manifesto 

Only Once helps data owners and data consumers to optimize their business exchange processes to unlock a competitive advantage of all members within our Ecosystem.

Our vision is to create a trusted online environment where everyone on our planet can securily and privacy-controlled share business data. And keep all business applications, worldwide, up-to-date. Only Once could be seen at the Next Gen online Salesforce®, but where all data owners maintain their own record in the worldwide CRM.

To make this possible we have developed a sovereign place where all members can store, share and control their data.


On a mission to make actionable insight accessible to everyone, I listened to business professionals in my market segment and set out to create a next generation Trusted Ecosystem that was guided by the following  principles:

Every relation maintains their own data


All relations retype all others data over and over again

Permit controlled access to
your data


Copy/pasting data and send it per messaging services

of your


No control

Full and
errorfree high quality data sets


Limited outdated dataset containing errors, doubles, etc

The 12 driving principles

The Only Once platform is designed with a number of key features and capabilities to help ensure data security and privacy, while also making it easy for data consumers to access the data they need. Some of the key features include: 


Reverse the chain of information - Instead of data consumers requesting data, they grant access to their data to data controllers. This shift from push to pull allows for more control and security over data. 


Our ecosystem can be used without the need to install an app, making it accessible to a wide range of users. 


Security is our top priority, and all data is protected and encrypted to ensure the highest level of protection. 


We do not store any business data centrally, and our platform is fully decentralized and distributed to eliminate single points of failure. 


Ecosystem members can identify themselves to become more trusted, adding an additional layer of security. 


BringYourOwnData - Data owners maintain and bring their own data to the platform, giving them full control over their data. 


Data owners are in control of their data, with the exception of when data is suspected of being in violation of agreements or synced outside our Ecosystem. 


Every commercial organization needs to be viable, so data owners can pay with their privacy or with their money. 


Only Once will help data consumers to keep all their business applications always up-to-date, complete, and without duplication. 


The Only Once platform is fully self-serviced, making it easy to use and navigate. 


It works with trusted intermediaries to ensure the security and privacy of data. 


There is no single point of failure in our system, ensuring that data is always accessible and protected.