using data STORES
A powerful set of practical fields to share

We have developed a secure comprehensive data repository named 'Data Stores' that houses a vast array of public, personal, and business information.

Our platform is designed to provide easy access to data from a variety of sources, making it the go-to resource in the short term for agencies and business professionals. Long term also consumers, family, and friends. 

Our commitment to transparency means that we have compiled a complete overview of all data field that are available on our platform, including detailed information about our data fields and the types of data that we offer: 

  1. What data is part of our MVP and what data will be release in future releases?
  2. What data we store is categorized as Public?
  3. What data we store is categorized as Business?
  4. What data we store is categorized as Personal? 

This overview will give you a better understanding of the breadth and depth of the data that is available, it’s GDPR sensitivity, as well as our security and privacy policies and procedures that we have in place to ensure the safety and security and privacy of our users. 

Thank you for choosing our platform as your source for your business data. We look forward to helping you discover the information you need to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.  

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