Frequently asked questions

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about Only Once, in order to provide a little more information about our organization.
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How secure is the Only Once app?

At Only Once, security is not just in our DNA, it is our DNA. We regularly test, update and validate our security model to maintain the utmost levels of security, with 2-factor password protected app access that is uniquely linked to your device. Built on Blockchain security encryption, our core principle is, and always will be, ‘Security by Design’.

Which app stores do you support and were can I download?

The Only Once app is ready for rapid roll-out on Android and iOS systems, as soon as we contract our first pilot customers. You will then be able to download the app in the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store. Alternatively you will be able to download the Only Once app directly from our website.

Is there a desktop version of Only Once?

Only Once follows a ‘Mobile First’ strategy. But based on client requests and responding to market demand, we will look to develop a desktop version.

Who owns Only Once?

Only Once is a privately-held company funded by private investors and selected pilot customers. We are not a foundation but a group of passionate people who believe in a streamlined, effective and cost-efficient solution to streamline your Agile organization.

How much does it cost?

The core functionality of Only Once is free to use and you can then add additional functionality and/or capacity at additional cost. Smaller businesses benefit from additional ART capacity, with the ability to customize events and roles, quickly and accurately.
Larger organizations pay for the extra platform functionality and for the ability to integrate Only Once for Agile Teams with their legacy systems, such as Jira, Office365, and calendar applications.
You can find more information about pricing here

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