The Only Once principles


Only Once

Members of Only Once enter their business identities just and once only. Yet they can share their data multiple times with multiple data consumers. Only Once provides a Single Point of Entry.


Empowered User-Centric & full Data Control

Only Once empowers data owners by placing them at the core of data management. This approach grants full control and ownership of their business identities to data owners, enabling them to manage and share their data with data consumers according to their preferences. Data Consumers use data as being shared and as-is and own full data control and decides who gets access and who not.


Granular Data Consent

Only Once members determine who can access their data, the level of access granted, and the purposes for which access is allowed. Members have visibility into current access permissions and can withdraw access as needed, but limited and compliant to all applicable legal policies.


Fast and efficient Data Capture

Only Once is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the data capture process for business data owners. Recognizing the inefficiencies of current methods, such as SMS, Excel, Webforms, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, which often require manual data entry, our principle is to revolutionize this experience. We are committed to providing a seamless, user-friendly solution that minimizes the burden on data owners, ensuring simplicity, speed, and efficiency in the capture and transfer of their business data.


Data Owners Ensure Data Quality

Only Once members act as the 'single source of truth' for their business identities, ensuring accuracy by keeping their data up-to-date and correct for the benefit of data consumers and themselves. Data consumers use shared data as being provided by data owners. Only Once provides data owners with the tools and techniques to make sure data is kept up-to-date, error free and complete.


Decentralized & Compartmentalized

Business identities are stored and managed in Personal Online Data Stores (PODS). Members have the flexibility to store their POD on any location (smartphone, onedrive, dropbox, google drive, only once) they want, giving them full control over their data. Data is compartmentalized in such a way a successful hack only gives access to the data of one user.


Privacy and Security by Design

Privacy and security are foundational aspects of Only Once. Only Once is committed to implementing robust measures and continuously improving them to safeguard user data. 


International Compliance

Only Once adheres to international laws and regulations, subjecting itself to audits and certifications. The POD concept enables the creation of business identity data subsets compliant with applicable laws.


Self-Service Capabilities

Only Once provides members with self-service facilities, allowing them to set up and manage their business identities in PODs independently. Businesses can integrate their applications through open API’s and optionally available connectors and instructional resources are available via the “Only Once Academy”.


Open Architecture with Industry-Standard Compliance

Only Once upholds an open architecture ethos that prioritizes user-centered and decentralized design principles. We advocate for collaboration and interoperability among diverse applications and platforms. Additionally, we ensure compatibility by adhering to widely recognized, commonly used standards. This approach reinforces the ease of integration and ensures a smooth experience for our users within the established technological landscape.



While Only Once initially focuses on specific market segment and a limited set of data, its architecture is inherently fast and efficient extensible, allowing integration into a broader ecosystem in the future.


Seamless Integration with Existing Business Applications

Only Once is committed to a seamless experience for its clients by integrating with their well-established business applications. This principle is to provide a frictionless process where business data seamlessly flows into clients' existing applications without the need for new tools or complex changes. This approach ensures a smooth transition, allowing clients to leverage the benefits of Only Once while maintaining familiarity and continuity with their preferred business applications (salesforce, zoho, hubspot, google contact, Office365, etc.)


Catalyzing Efficient Business Interaction using AI

Only Once is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections between data owners and data consumers, facilitating efficient business interactions throughout the entire data management lifecycle. Our commitment lies in optimizing processes for swift candidate matching, rapid communication, and seamless collaboration. By streamlining the data management lifecycle, we ensure that parties can effortlessly engage with one another, enabling efficient business transactions, effective matching, and timely connections.