The first platform that gives you full control of your business data

Our story

Only Once was founded in September 2013, by a belief that every individual should be able to effortlessly share their data at the click of a button. After 5 years building and launching a highly-secure online platform aimed at strengthening this belief, in 2021, we took the strategic decision to combine our passion for data, with our passion for Agile and the Recruitment market segment. By developing one fully-integrated solution to automate and streamline every step of the requirement process, Only Once strives to ensure candidates and recruitment agencies can work seamlessly towards one common goal.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to empower the entire business ecosystem from beginning to end, providing organizations with the tools they need to strengthen and streamline their data management processes and maximize day-to-day efficiency. Using EU-based cloud services to ensure the highest standards of data protection, to this day, security remains firmly at the heart and core of Once Once, ensuring our members can effortlessly and securely share their professional business data at the click of a button.

Founder Roel Peels 

As the CEO and founder of Only Once, I have spent a lifetime dedicated to ensuring users can effortlessly and securely share data with whoever they choose, for as long as they choose. With multiple Agile and SAFe certifications and many years experience running Scrum Teams and Agile Release Trains, I decided to take my passion for Agile from the work floor to the boardroom, by developing a unique, fully-integrated trusted Ecosystem aimed at ensuring every Agile job opportunity journey begins and ends with Only Once.