Creating an easy ecosystem for personal and business data exchange

Only Once is a smart solution for sharing and managing your personal and business data. You’ll only have to connect with people from your network once and keep your own data up-to-date. This way, you will always have the correct information from all your business and personal connections. Take your network to the next level and benefit from it in your career and personal life.

 Revolutionise the way you share data

Instead of pushing your data to others, others request access to yours. In our ecosystem you only have to save your data once and make sure it stays up-to-date. All your connections can see the information you permitted them access to and vice versa. In this way there is only one up-to-date version of your data, and this is always correct. Only Once changes the way you share data. It creates new business opportunities, saves you time and is extremely valuable.

Always up-to-date  on all devices

Communicate and collaborate with your family, friends, business relations and team members. With Only Once you always have up-to-date data within reach, all in one place. Know exactly where you have to go or what number you have to call, without the need of a search for the right data.

Run your ART like clockwork

Effortlessly create and maintain your ART and Scrum Teams, ensuring every team member has access to fully up-to-date and accurate contact and event information. Assign SAFe compliant and ART roles and descriptions, and maintain all team data in our highly-secure app.

Always stay in touch,wherever you go

All your connections have up-to-date access to your data. If you move to another city, get a new phone number or change your job position, simply adjust your information in our ecosystem and everyone in your network you gave access to, has the correct data.

One fully-integrated Agile solution

Automatically generate all SAFe events and timelines in one user-friendly app, then sync with calendars to alert every team member at the click of a button. Keep everybody on the same page, with one universal communication platform, eliminating the need for multiple channels.

Sharing data has never been easier

Simply share your personal QR-code or connect your phones wireless by keeping them near each other. In a split second you can directly access the data of your new connection. Only Once makes sharing data easy.

Keep all Team Members aligned

Communicate and collaborate with Stakeholders, Suppliers and Team Members all in one place, with access to consistently reliable and accurate contact data. Know exactly where you need to be, and when, keeping your entire Team Roster on time and on track, regardless of location.

Save precious time and money

Eliminate time consuming manual updates for all your address books, including your CRM. This saves you administration and communication time and costs.

Save precious time and money

Slash admin and communication costs by eliminating time-consuming manual updates to XLS team rosters and mailing lists. With every SAFe event and standard pre-defined by the app, save time and money by optimizing and rolling out every process in a matter of seconds.

Update your complete network from one single place

This easy, effective way of sharing data with Only Once is not all! We are constantly developing our multifunctional ecosystem. Our next goal: a messaging service. Contact your network quickly and easily, all from one privacy protected place.

Connect with the Agile community

Build your network by connecting with colleagues and other Agile experts. Find answers to complex Agile questions or doubts in your Only Once activity feed, and search for user profiles to find the perfect candidates for your Agile Release Train.

Built on Blockchain technology

Only Once is built on the latest blockchain technology, resulting in an extremely fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that completely reshapes the way we share data.

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