The first, innovative and international

Life Management Platform

A revolutionary new way to manage your serious internet life

Worlds only data independence platform for individuals and organisations.

Enter Only Once. Share as much as you like.

Manage your online interactions and activities.

Hyper secure online data stores

With Only Once you enter this information just one time and use it automatically, again, and again, and again.

Never again will you have to enter (or keep entering) your personal and business information over and over again.

Advanced sharing mechanism

Exchange electronic cards securely when meeting new people at personal events, tradeshows, seminars and other business events.

Fill any (online web) form within a split second.

Or just pick a selection of fields from your Data Stores and share.

Trusted framework

Trust is our primary area of focus. Trust what happens with our data after sharing. Only Once has defined with our privacy lawyers a set of standards, rules and policies when it comes to data sharing.

"“Only Once is a major game changer. Disruptive and very promising”"

− Bart Hermelink (CEO Byce BV)

"“Only Once key strength is its symplicity in use”"

− Jeroen Bontje (Marketing Manager Symbid , beta tester)

"Only Once will become the leading platform for fast and reliable data exchange"

− Len de Bruin (CEO Jenrick)

"“Only Once will dramatically reduce our customer waiting times with it's one click form filling”"

− Fred Collee (CEO ABS Wellcoll)

At Only Once you are not the product.
We restore online trust.


Privacy violations and data protection are daily news items. Our online privacy and personal data  are often not taken very seriously. Your data is highly valuable, we know. You know. Our data is traded without the data owners being asked. Internet fraud is rapidly increasing. We do not have certainty about internet users ID’s. Only Once’s intention is to stay a ‘advertising free’ platform. Online trust should be restored. That’s our ambition and mission.

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace and from any device

Our Life Management Platform can be used on any device and is developed crossplatform, scalable and lightweight.
Share you data where ever you are.


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We are on a mission

We believe individuals have the right to stay in control of their personal data.
And share it effortlessly, whenever they want to.
We believe organizations should benefit from having more accurate and up-to-date personal data.
Saving us time and making life easier. For individuals and organizations
That’s why we’re here

Some things should be done ‘Only Once’
Such as entering our personal and business data